Book Review: ‘Getting to Yes’

principled-negotiation-method1This is a review of ‘Getting to Yes : Negotiating an Agreement Without Giving In‘ by Roger Fisher and William Ury (Penguin, 1991)

This book is particularly of interest to me as a caregiver, as I find peaceful negotiation is a daily occurrence in my life. The goal of ‘Getting to Yes’ ( based on the Harvard Negotiation Project) is to help people shift from adversarial approaches to cooperative methods for dealing with differences at work, at home, and in the community.

Their advice is to:

  • separate the person from the problem
  • involve both parties in negotiation
  • let both sides express their feelings (try to see that the people you are negotiating with are real people with hopes and dreams just like anyone else)
  • really listen to the other person
  • be creative, brainstorm ideas
  • develop a BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement) in other words if you don’t get your desired agreement what is your plan B that you would be happy with

Of course the authors have a larger purpose to writing this book: to help the world take a step towards peace.

With that in mind,

ever peacefully yours,

Calm Pond

PS: Check Calm Pond’s review of Getting to Yes for Yourself HERE.



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