What Music Means to Me

What does music mean to me.  Everything.  So what does everything mean to me?
Every emotion a human being can experience I can find it in music.

When I am driving or stuck in traffic music keeps me company.
Music is my companion, she/he speaks to me when I am lonely and lost.  When I am sad I can cry with the singer who’s expressing my feelings or dance feeling free and letting the endorphins lift my soul to feel good, I get lost and escape from my reality and into music as he/she is always there for me.  I can feel free in music as I go to a place in my mind where no one else can take me except the song(s) I am listening to.


I am healed also when I am singing to an audience
which helps me survive life as it keeps me alive.   Music soothes my soul it’s spiritual and helps me stay in contact with who I am, it defines me and when I go out to sing and play I am retaining myself, my identity.  I am a songwriter, I sing, play guitar and keyboards.  I love to perform and give my all on stage.   When I write  songs I am able to heal from the process – it’s therapeutic as I write, sing and play my emotions into music.  Music fills the emptiness in my life.   Music can be euphoric as it takes me to a place in my mind away from feeling pain – It is my comforter.  Music is God to me.  God speaks to me through music.  I remember when my only brother died in a tragic car accident – I heard a gentle voice inside of me singing a comforting tune with a message in it.  As if it were my Guardian Angel singing to me – comforting me at a very difficult time in my life. I still hear the melody and words in my heart and soul.  I know I need to write that song one day. The message was from one of God’s Angels singing to me telling me that the Lord is my Shepard in these hard times.  Some of my deepest songs are the ones that I write alone with God.

As a songwriter I write with other songwriters.  By doing that I meet some very beautiful people and through that process I make new friends with the hope that we just wrote a hit song.  LOL.  But that’s just the beginning as I need to get the music out there to be heard and most times that’s the hardest part.   I’d like to have my music everywhere:  in a coffee shop, restaurant, hair salon, spa, night clubs, TV, movies, gym, etc.   Music is important to most people as  I  always see people on any given day with headphones in their ears – escaping and helping pass the time away.   Today I can find every type of music for every emotion and situation needed.

I write songs because I cannot deny myself.  I dream music, I wake up with songs, and if I wake up in time I’ll record it so I don’t forget it.  By writing music I’m able to feel like I have a purpose in life.   Music can take me to a happy place in time – help me feel good, help me feel alive, heal the body, mind and soul.  Even when there are no words and it’s just a melody I can escape into the music that can take me away from my pain even for a few minutes, an hour, or a day.  Everyday.
You can hear my music at: http://www.joycegrennan.com/

I do not feel alone even though at times I ammusic keeps me company, loves me and I am an antennae listening to the waves of the universe speak ever so gently to me even when I feel like giving up – I hear Josh Groban sing  “Don’t Give Up”. An example of a powerful message through music. Music saves me.

As a singer/songwriter I am able to carry the message that I hear from that ethereal place and pass it on to whoever is listening, hoping that I am also comforting, helping people through music.

 Joyce Grennan


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