Mindful Monday no. 39 – Self-Compassion

As caregivers, we are often capable of showing others endless compassion and love but we sometimes struggle with showing ourselves the same consideration. We can beat ourselves up over something we said. We can feel like bad things only happen to us and divulge in to much sweets. We can forget to eat lunch though we know we need a break.

We are not 100% perfect with these things and that is okay. Self-compassion is a practice.


What is self-compassion?

It is encouraging and loving self-talk.

It is recognizing how and when you need self-care.

It is nurturing yourself with healthy food, regular exercise, and restful sleep.

It is understanding that struggles and adversity are normal parts of everyone’s life.

It is knowing that tough times will pass. It is knowing that good times will pass too.

It is being in the moment, staying present, being mindful.

It is taking a moment when you need one, to breathe, gain perspective, or rest.

It is acknowledging the wide spectrum of your feelings and taking time to process them.

It is reaching out for support when you need a friend or a counselor to hear you out.

What have you done today to show yourself some self-compassion? Try to practice one element of self-compassion today, even when you feel yourself slip into old habits.






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