Book Review: “Mental Resilience: The Power of Clarity” by Kamal Sarma

41yEOJraUwL._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_Author Kamal Sarma offers a 21-day mental resilience program in his book Mental Resilience: The Power of Clarity (how to develop the focus of a warrior with the peace of a monk) (New World Library, 2008). Meditation CD included.

Sarma gives the reader straightforward practice, no hype.  His audience seems to be particularly busy executives or people with very busy lives for whom stress causes all sorts of problems, such as lack of sleep, tension, or headaches.

Apparently the left prefrontal cortex has been associated with happy thoughts.  Meditation helps people develop this area of the brain, leading to greater mental well-being.  In addition, studies have shown that meditation helps slow the process of aging, particularly in the brain.  Meditation helps the individual develop equanimity, the realization that everything changes.

Sarma offers several easy ways to practice mindfulness, such as:

  • mindful eating: notice the appearance of food, tastes, textures, and sounds of eating
  • mindful showering: notice the smell of the soap or shampoo, the temperature of the water and your body
  • mindful walking: sense the feelings in your feet, notice your rhythm and posture
  • mindfulness at traffic lights: notice your breathing, be absolutely present until the light turns green

Stay tuned for a review of Richard Davidson’s The Emotional Life of Your Brain

Mindfully yours,

Calm Pond



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