Foodie Friday: Balsamic Melon Salad


“Summer cooking implies a sense of immediacy, a capacity to capture the essence of the fleeting moment.”

Elizabeth David, food writer (1913-1992)

Balsamic Melon Salad is a refreshing recipe for the hot evenings of summer. The seasonal varieties of juicy honey dew and canteloupe, accompanied by more savoury ingredients like red onion, cucumber, and prosciutto, is perfectly balanced in this dish. It is the perfect recipe for a garden party or for dining alfresco.

How to make Balsamic Melon Salad: 

This recipe for Balsamic Melon Salad was adapted from the one featured on The First Mess.


1 Honeydew melon, balled

1  Canteloupe melon, balled

1 Long English cucumber, finely sliced

1 Cup of red onion, finely sliced

Salt & pepper to taste

3-4 Tbsps. of balsamic vinegar

Optional ingredients: prosciutto, fresh basil, fresh mint, cherry tomatoes, watermelon.



  1. Pour the 3-4 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar evenly along the bottom of your serving dish. This will ensure even distribution of the dressing when serving.
  2. Combine melon, cucumber, red onion, and any optional ingredients in the dish.
  3. Add salt & pepper. Tip: Salt any melon before serving as it brings out its sweetness.
  4. Place any fresh herbs over the top.
  5. Serve immediately.

What are your favourite summer salads? We’d love to hear about them in our comment section.



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