Mindful Monday no. 43 – Morning Yoga for Energy


With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”  -Eleanor Roosevelt

One of the best ways to energize in the morning is to move the body. Recently, I started the practice of doing short yoga sequences in my living room. I open my curtains wide to let the light in and I follow along on a short video that I found online.

Yoga is a physical activity that is good for people of all ages and abilities. As long as they are positioned correctly and listen when their body is telling them something does not work, anyone can practice yoga.

Starting the morning off with a few yoga poses ensures that I will make self-care and my health a priority for the day. Even if you can’t fit an hour-long class in the morning, there are tons of videos online that make it easier to incorporate into your busy schedule.

Here are 3 videos to start your morning yoga practice: 

Can you squeeze in 5 minutes? Try the “Wake Up” Yoga for Energy Practice by YogaBody. 

Have 20 minutes? Try the Gentle Morning Sequence: by Yoga with Adriene.

Do you have the luxury of an hour? Try the Energizing Yoga Sequence by Yoga with Adriene.




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