Caregiving in the U.S: Millennials

photo-1429080542360-e39b1a6c57c2.jpgI am following up on a previous post on caregiving in other countries:

In the U.S, 10 million members of the millennial generation (ages 18 to 34) are caring for adult family members. 25% of U.S caregivers fall into that range, according to the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) Bulletin.   These young people often don’t have much experience with serious illness. Some are long-distance caregivers with new careers, feeling guilty when they can’t visit family members.

Many support groups available to caregivers aren’t focused on this age range.

Caregiver Hannah Roberts, 28, cares for her mother who is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  She’s taken a year’s leave from medical school, and moved into her parent’s home in a Boston suburb.  She drives her mother to medical appointments.

Many young caregivers feel that caregiving is “a way of giving back for them bringing you into this world.”

This completes my focus on Caregiving in the U.S.

Calm Pond


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