Aromatherapy helps when you’re tired and blue

I discovered aromatherapy several years ago, when I decided to do away with the use of harsh chemicals in my household products. I switched to natural laundry detergent, shampoo, and deodorant; and I was excited to make herbal remedies to help with sore throats, cuts, and low energy.
I have found essential oils to be amazing companions for whatever is happening in life- whether that involves adjusting to unexpected changes, or embarking on exciting new projects that take a lot of energy.

Using essential oils can be a truly joyful experience, as scent is a powerful connector  to good memories. A particular smell can remind you of the lake where you spent summers as a child; or bring you a sense of comfort as you breathe in the familiar scent of your Grandad’s soap.
While it is so lovely to enjoy the smell of particular essential oils you’re drawn to, it’s also wise to choose your oil blends based on what systems of the body they actively provide support to. The following article suggests 4 essential oils that are beneficial for relieving symptoms of depression: .  Caregivers, please be aware that as you go through the hardships and the losses of your journey with a loved one, your feelings of grief can bring about symptoms that look very similar to the signs of depression. For example, when feeling very sad about your loved one’s declining health, you may feel fatigued and lacking motivation, and find it hard to concentrate on simple tasks. This can be your grief process, and I encourage you to treat yourself with lots of gentleness.

Here are a few De-stressing blends from that you can make at home. Try using 3 drops of each oil in the blend you’ve chosen, and put them in your diffuser. There are 2 main types of diffusers: A ceramic one, with water on top and a candle underneath; and a water-filled machine that plugs in and releases a mist into the air. You can also buy a plug-in for your car, which holds the oils on a little cotton pad and plugs into your dashboard. Isn’t that marvelous?!


Ease tension
Bergamot, Geranium, Lavender. Together the three may help ease nervous tension, lift spirits and bring an overall sense of balance an calm emotionally.

Calm anxiety
Lavender, Roman Chamomile, & Ylang Ylang. Roman Chamomile has a calming scent that may help ease anxiety and restlessness.

Find Balance
Lavender, Frankincense, & Orange. Lavender has a very calming & relaxing scent which may be helpful in both physical and emotional balancing.  Studies have shown that smelling lavender increases beta waves in the brain which suggests greater relaxation & less mental stress.

Here’s a writing activity to try: Think of 1 smell that you really enjoy, and write about it for 3 minutes without editing your work. What memories did it evoke for you?

Aromatherapy is a terrific way of caring for yourself. Maybe at nighttime to help you unwind before bed; or in the morning to energize your system for the day. I invite you to give it a try!




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