6 Ways of Preventing Falls

photo-1455758190477-ac7265bc8139.jpgFalls are a common cause of injury in older adults. 45% of seniors’ hospital admissions are due to falls, but falls can be prevented.

Here are 6 ways to prevent falls: 

  1. making sure all rugs and mats are skid proof or secured with carpet tape
  2. removing electrical cords from pathways
  3. ensuring that there is proper lighting on stairways, if the stairway is carpeted, be sure the carpet is firmly secured to all steps
  4. placing a non-slip mat in the shower or tub
  5. only using step stools when another person is home
  6. wearing safe shoes, or using a cane or walker if needed

Consider participating in the Better Balance Program at John Braithwaite Community Centre. Seniors will improve functional mobility and balance, reduce risk of falls and increase lower body strength.

For information on these and other seniors’ programs contact Alison Ching at : 604-982-8326.

Stay safe. Be well,

Calm Pond


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