Foodie Friday: Less-Effort Thanksgiving Dinners


Depending on our energy levels, holiday dinners can be something we tackle with much enthusiasm or with a lot of stress. Once you become a caregiver, it can be hard to balance what you are used to accomplishing at holiday celebrations with the new realities of your role.

If you are feeling like the holiday is added stress, here are 5 ideas on how to reduce the effort needed to have a Thanksgiving dinner:

  1. Make it a potluck: If you are okay with making the main dish, potlucks can be a good option with some organization. Make a list of all the dishes and ask family members to sign up to prepare and bring one item each.
  2. Ask someone else to host: If you usually host the family for dinners but you are not feeling up for it, practice some good self-care and ask someone else to host.
  3. Make use of your slow cooker: If you have yet to adopt a slow cooker into your life, they are incredible time savers because you only have to prep the ingredients and put them in to cook with enough liquid to sustain it for the time period. This article rounds up a few Thanksgiving slow-cooker recipes.
  4. Order a full Thanksgiving dinner: If you can afford it, order in your entire meal. Whole Foods in West Vancouver prepares a full Thanksgiving dinner including an organic turkey or prime rib roast, and side dishes.
  5. Go out for Thanksgiving dinner: One way of avoiding the stress is to let a restaurant do the work for you. In the North Shore, The Beachhouse restaurant offers a Thanksgiving dinner and no dishes to clean up.

Thanksgiving holiday is meant to be a time to give thanks and spend with family and friends. If you are feeling overburdened, consider reducing the stress associated with big family dinners with one of these other alternatives.





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