Guest Post: Decision Making With More Ease by Cheryl Brewster of The Intuitive Life

As a caregiver, are you feeling weighed down with guilt, frustration or worry? How do you navigate change with more confidence? How can you make decisions with more ease?
The answer? More mindfulness.

 Mindfulness is the ability to notice what’s happening in your head so you can make better decisions. It frees you from past conditioning, fuzzy thinking, overwhelm and unconscious patterns that keep you in fatigue rather than energy with clarity.
Mindfulness is a hugely important ability to foster and has gained massive respect around the world and particularly, in business.  Over 22% of major business organizations in the US include some sort of mindfulness training in their human resource offerings to staff. It reduces stress, promotes clear thinking and focus, and improves health and well-being.  As a caregiver making critical decisions for your loved one, mindfulness is no longer an option… it’s a necessity.

Here’s a quick outline of how Mindfulness can help with the decision making process: Aware, Breathe, Connect.
1. Aware – Be the observer.
What’s happening to you as you consider the decision you need to make?
Watch yourself.
What are you thinking, feeling, sensing?
Notice your body sensations.

Developing the habit of observing yourself can pop you out of the unconscious knee-jerk reactions that occur, especially when you feel worried about someone in your care.

2. Breathe for “one mindful minute”
It sounds too good to be true, but one “mindful minute” can save the day, let alone your sanity. Once you’ve established yourself in observer mode, stay there for one minute… don’t try to figure anything out…just be present in watching yourself. Allow the mind to settle into the breath, not carried away by thoughts, sensations or emotions, just focused on even, regular breaths. Breathing for just one minute helps you find your centre again.  From here, knee-jerk reactions or emotions can be identified and set aside. Mindful breathing unhooks you from the flight/fright/freeze that is the natural consequence when feeling uncertain or threatened.


3. Connect – by asking yourself what is the next right thing?
The clarity you will receive from this very short process is astounding. It creates a laser-like beacon for you to follow. You can only ever do one thing at a time so mindfulness reminds you of the choice and power you have to do that one right thing.

This does take courage. Why? Because this process promotes change. And sometimes (or should I say often), we don’t want to change! But when change has the capacity to instantly take us out of worry, frustration, fear or guilt and back to peace and confidence, then we need to ask ourselves…

What price am I willing to pay to return to peace?
Often times, most times, it’s simply the decision to let go of things needing to be so painful or so hard. As caregivers, overwhelm can become a habit so we must remain diligent in letting things be easier.
If you’d like to learn more about Mindfulness to create more ease in the decision making process, then be sure to attend the workshop on October 26, 2016 with Cheryl Brewster of The Intuitive Life, to inspire and guide you into decision making with more ease.



4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Decision Making With More Ease by Cheryl Brewster of The Intuitive Life

  1. Our group of caregivers had an inspiring, thought-provoking session last night with Cheryl. Throughout the evening, over cups of tea, shared conversation, and mindfulness tips, Cheryl guided the group in finding ways to foster a sense of calm and confidence in the face of challenging decisions.
    The group was invited to become “An expanded version of yourself” through the practice of self-compassion, breathing, and awareness.
    Thank you to all participants for being part of our caregiving community!

    • It was my privilege to deliver these mindfulness concepts that foster resilience and self-care in the care-taking journey. All challenge is a sacred invitation to participate in life at a much deeper level. It’s not easy. But mindfulness creates breathing space, a path to peace, and purpose to any suffering we encounter. Care-taking is sacred work and it begins from the inside out. It’s wonderful to have events like this… it’s life-changing to have the time and space to reflect and recharge when it’s needed most, one mindful minute at a time.

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