Recommended Article: When MS Means Mighty Stubborn by Cheryl Ellis,


Karyn recommends the article, “When MS Means Mighty Stubborn” by Cheryl Ellis on If you have struggled with your loved-one’s desire to remain independent and your desire to maintain their health through preventive measures, this article will be of interest.

“Both caregiver and patient have heard the phrase ‘you are not MS’ repeatedly. An unfortunate truth is that while the individual is not the disease, the disease affects their body and often rights of choice,” writes Cheryl Ellis. “Caregivers have been given custody of their loved one’s trust in addition to handling various affairs, but the original relationship between the MS patient and the caregiver remains. Remembering that relationship and putting it first, both verbally and by action, can offer an independence for caregiver and loved one.”

While the article specifically addresses the relationship between someone who has MS and their caregiving loved-one, the article offers communication tips to negotiate the tasks that a carepartner and caregiver does.

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2 thoughts on “Recommended Article: When MS Means Mighty Stubborn by Cheryl Ellis,

  1. I found this article so helpful! Thanks very much for sharing these new ideas about negotiating I’m going to use them with my latest block…………the hearing-aid issue! My soon to be 94 year old Mum refuses to get them, even after being told by the Audiologist that they would greatly improve her lifestyle.
    I feel like I’m going around shouting at everyone these days! All of your articles that I’ve received by email recently, have been informative and helpful………

    • Hi Heather! We’re glad this article is helpful to you in navigating challenging situations with your Mum. It can be quite a tricky balance to try and honour your parents’ personality and be respectful what they’re going through, while also making efforts to assist them in having the best quality of life possible! We give you kudos :)-

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