Finding space to slow down

Life can happen at a pretty quick pace in the modern world.
For those looking after a parent, spouse or family member, there is often  a HUGE to-do list. While certain things need to get done in a timely way, other tasks can wait a few hours or until the next day. We won’t pass any judgment! Sometimes it’s okay to simply rest and breathe- in my view, one part of practicing good self-care is giving yourself permission to not be accomplishing something all the time.
It can be challenging to remember that allowing yourself a little bit of slow-down time is revitalizing to body and spirit .. so we are here to remind you!

Depending on your own preferences, there are many ways to find a peaceful few minutes in your day- You might enjoy a warm cup of herbal tea while sitting in your favourite chair; listen to an audio book and let your imagination wander; do some gardening and enjoy having your hands in the earth; or watch a comedy show that gives you renewed energy.

On November 3rd at 7PM our  Network group has Caroline Macgillvary coming to teach us Qi Gong. This is an ancient form of movement that the American National Qi Gong Association defines as  an “ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention”.
I’ve never had the opportunity to practice Qi Gong, and am looking forward to this marvelous introduction by  our passionate teacher Caroline.
If you live in North or West Vancouver and are supporting someone in your life with any kind of caregiving, come join us!

Let the discovery begin …



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