Finding your Voice

Do you find it difficult to make time to nurture yourself?
Is it hard to stop and feed your own soul?

As a healer and coach it has been a long journey to fill my own cup first so that I can better serve others. I currently have a thriving practice with clients that I love and a schedule that is more and more balanced and supportive to my wellbeing.  There are many tools that I have used to get to this place, however one of the foundational pieces has been self-expression: finding my voice.

Did you know that voice is actually a key to self-care? Opening your voice helps you express yourself in general. It opens your creativity and gives you an outlet to channel your emotions.  It helps you speak your truth and get clear on your needs and boundaries.  This helps you to listen to yourself as well as communicate better with others.

heart hands

 I used to find it difficult to reach out for help. My “go to” mode was to figure out a way to do everything myself.  Does this sound familiar?   I was embarrassed to bother or burden someone else with my needs.  The problem was I was struggling with chronic fatigue.

In 2014 I hit a low point. I went through a phase of insomnia that went on and on.  Still I continued working with clients.  My eyelids were drooping and I was having trouble speaking clearly. I could no longer go on so I wrote a letter to a trusted mentor.  She sent me to a life coach.  Through coaching I began to stand in my inherent value and unique life direction.  I built back my energy and began to make some necessary changes. I learned that I needed to empower my clients more rather than just healing them and this started with empowering myself.  By using my voice I no longer feel alone with the weight of giving.
I know I have support when I need it and my voice is a huge part of this support!

Caregivers, please join me for a special workshop on Thursday November 17th at 10:30 AM called Find Your Voice and Care For You.  In this workshop you will learn how to unlock your centre of creativity and self-expression.  Explore the healing power of sound and silence and learn how to sustain your positive energy levels so you’re a more effective caregiver.  It’s going to be fun and inspiring!  Here is the link for more information:

-Zoey Wren




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