Mindful Monday no. 58 – The Sound of Bells


The sound of the bell has long been used in the practice of mindfulness. When a bell rings, its sound radiates and we become aware of ourselves in the present moment: our surroundings, our breathing, our grounding on the earth. It can be a signal to draw our attention to the external world and our presence in it.

If you would like to use bells in your mindfulness practice, here are 5 ideas on how to incorporate them: 

  1. Play this YouTube video in the background while working at a desk. It will ring the bell every 30 minutes for 8 hours to remind you to be conscious of the external world.
  2. Use these timed recordings of bells to enter and complete your meditation practice.
  3. program a timer on your phone so that every time it rings, you awake to the present moment.
  4. Download Insight Timer, a free app for your phone, which offers sounds to enhance your practice.
  5. Set the intention to use any sound of the bell to bring your attention to the present moment. The sound could be the ring of the telephone, chimes blowing in the wind, a bicycle speeding past.



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