Begin Anew for the New Year


As we come to the end of 2016, we hold an opportunity to set positive intentions for the new year. With the changing of the calendars, we can begin anew.

Beginning anew is a Buddhist practice where the past is reconciled and then positive intentions are set for the future.

When we clear the mind through focused breathing and meditation, we can become attuned to our true feelings. We can ask the questions that allow careful reflection. Through this careful reflection, we recognize the challenges, mistakes, difficulties, and conflicts that we have experienced over the past year. We also appreciate what we has gone well, our successes, our wise choices, and our strengthened relationships.

If we can make amends for what we have done, we have the opportunity to begin anew. We can process the emotions that arise as a way of forgiving and reconciling what has happened.

We can also make amends to ourselves, and that intention to begin anew will carry you forward. The careful reflection is a chance to process what happened, and then to let go.

Then, as we move into the new year, we can begin anew with a renewed sense of hope and peace. As you set out on the path of 2017, how will you do things differently?



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