Mindful Monday no. 60 – Journaling

pexels-photo-92333.jpegDo you journal? Over the years, I have kept many notebooks. During difficult stages of life, my handwriting covers the page. In happier times, my writing is as light as I was feeling. Looking back at my journals is like peering into my own personal archives.

When I look back at the challenges I processed through my journals, I cultivate more compassion for myself and realize how far I have come. When I read about positive events, I experience the joy of the moment all over again.

Journaling has allowed me deeper insight into myself. By putting pen to page, I process my emotions in a way that allows me to recognize how and why I am feeling in any moment. This ability to feel the wide range of feelings allows me to experience them all at a greater level. I experience them as they flow through my life.

I often see how my wishes and dreams have come true in their own time. I have often written lists of goals to cross off the list many months later when reviewing my journals. My journals also act as a reminder that challenging times will pass, and joy will return again. If you are new to journaling, or have long put down the pen, I encourage you to develop this practice of self-reflection.

To inspire you, here are 7 journaling prompts for you to begin: 

  1. Some of the things that make me happy are . . .
  2. Describe a dream that you had recently.
  3. Using 10 words, describe yourself.
  4. Make a list of everything you’d like to say no to.
  5. Make a list of everything you’d like to say yes to.
  6. What aspects of your life are flowing well? Which aspects are not?
  7. Nobody knows that I . . .

You can find more writing prompts online, including at Daring to Live Fully and Journaling Sage.

What has journaling brought to your life? We’d love to hear about your practice in the comment section.




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