Mindful Monday no. 61 – Mindful De-cluttering

pexels-photo-238267.jpeg“When you tidy, you gain a little confidence. You start to believe in the future. Things begin to go more smoothly. The people you meet change. Unexpected things happen in a positive way. Change begins to accelerate. And you begin to really enjoy your life.”
― Marie Kondō

Marie Kondō‘s books “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” and “Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up” are best-sellers for a reason. They highlight the peace and happiness that comes from external order. She asks her reader to go through their house and hold every item in their hands to ask:

  Does this spark joy? 


So much of what we own does not spark joy. We hold onto old projects that bring us guilt because we have never gotten around to completing. We hold on to clothes in case we ever make it back to their sizes. We hold onto stacks of paper to procrastinate organizing them into files or folders.

She has a point – we can hold on to belongings for the wrong reasons.

The more belongings we accumulate, the more clutter we have in our environment. Our homes become less a place of refuge and more a nagging mess. This wreaks havoc on our interior state because we don’t have a space to escape and recharge.


Though the thought of tackling your home in entirety may seem enormous, I invite you to mindfully de-clutter a surface or two to see how this affects how you feel.

As you sort through the items, ask yourself: 

  • Why am I holding onto this item? 

  • Do I even need this item? 

  • How do I feel about this item? 

  • How does this item contribute to how I want this area of my home to be? 

  • How can my belongings better serve the environment I want? 

When you start to clear your clutter mindfully, you will begin to recognize that the negative emotions about your space are replaced with positive ones. You will garner a sense of control and achievement – however slight – that can inspire you to bring to different aspects of your life.

What did you discover in this process? We’d love to hear your insights in our comment section.



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