De-Stress In 1 Minute


Here are your instructions to de-stress in a minute:

  1. Close your door. Turn off your phone. Get comfortable.
  2. Lightly spray your favorite perfume or Eau de Toilette onto your wrists or inside your elbows.
  3. To add ambience, play your favorite music.  Alternatively, enjoy silence and disconnect completely.
  4. Close your eyes and slowly breathe in. Count to four. Count to four again as you breathe out, allowing your mind to clear. Let the scent soothe your soul and revitalize your spirit.
  5. After only a minute or two, you’re ready to go about your day feeling renewed.
  6. Remember to pause and breathe.  It only takes a minute to de-stress.

Enjoy your downtime!

Calm Pond

(Thanks to Crabtree & Evelyn for their suggestions.)


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