Take a Break: 3 Minute Visualization

You might be juggling a few responsibilities in your life- working outside the home, caring for a spouse or parent, and managing a household full of people. Amidst the demands of your everyday life, it is a wonderful thing to pause and find a moment of connection. A simple three minutes of slowing down is all you need. This is a time set aside for visualizing what you would like MORE OF in your life, and can provide some much-deserved nourishment for your mind and body.
Visualizing is about noticing and appreciating the great things that are already in your life, as well as inviting positive experiences to come your way. Uplifting mental images give your brain a break from stress, and can significantly recharge your energy.

It’s not about avoiding a thought, it’s about finding another thought.
-Abraham Hicks


I suggest trying these steps:

1. Get in a comfortable chair. Close your eyes and allow your body to relax against the chair. Feel how you are supported in this simple act of sitting.

2.Visualize 1 activity that you enjoy doing with a friend or family member. Picture the colours and sounds you experience. Notice your own facial expression as you participate in this enjoyable moment.

3.Imagine that you are sitting alone with a cup of tea or coffee alone. What does the mug look like? How does the drink feel as you sip? Pay attention to feelings of relaxation. Let these peaceful feelings radiate through your body.

Here is a resource for accessible visualizing exercises: http://www.self-help-and-self-development.com/visualization-exercises.html

It can be helpful to write down your feelings and thoughts after the exercise, as an inspiration to make it a part of your daily routine.

Remember to enjoy it! Don’t think too hard … Allow the images to find you.





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