Notes on Emotional Eating Book


Hello readers:

These are my notes on Craighead’s book (2006) ‘The Appetite Awareness Workbook (how to listen to your body & overcome bingeing, overeating & obsession with food.’

-She talks about EEE (effective emotional eating) in which you eat because you feel something unpleasant or distressing but you don’t overeat.

-You have a right not to be hungry.

-Her recommendations: eat 3 meals a day and 2 or more snacks at regularly scheduled times

-The normal range for BMI (body mass index, Google ‘BMI calculator’ to find your BMI) is 19-25. Anything in the 25-30 range is overweight, and a BMI of 30 and above is considered obese.  Most American women are in the 24-26 range.

-If you are under stress you can postpone your weight loss plans and just eat normally, this way you will at least not gain any weight.

-As you get older you have more responsibilities which makes it harder to have the time, energy and leisure to devote to losing weight or maintain a thin body

Hope you find these notes helpful. For me personally, I felt better when I read the part about not expecting myself to lose weight when I was under stress.  It gave me permission to eat some of my favorite foods without feeling guilty. Of course, I still guarded against overeating.

Bon appetit!

Calm Pond



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