Mindful Monday no. 66 – Connecting with Family

pexels-photo-196362It is Family Day in BC! A statutory holiday where families are encouraged to spend quality time together. For caregivers who are caring for a loved one, this can be an opportunity to help foster connection with other members of the family.

Here are 6 ways to connect with family today: 

  1. Spend some one-on-one time with young ones to foster the inter-generational relationship. (It also encourages us take time to play!)
  2. Hand-write a letter or a card to a distant relative to show how you have them in your thoughts. (If that feels like a stretch, send an email instead.) 
  3. Express your appreciation towards your adult children for the people they have become. (You can never express it enough.) 
  4. Make a lunch date for later in the week for a spouse or partner. (Do something out of the ordinary). 
  5. Invite a cousin or other relative from outside your immediate family to meet up for some coffee. (It will be good to connect!)
  6. Bring out the family albums and spend time reminiscing with your elders. (It will inspire your gratitude practice!). 

Need more ideas? Find out what else is happening for Family Day on the North Shore HERE.



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