Is Your Loved One Safe To Drive? Ten Warning Signs


Here are 10 warning signs that might indicate that your loved one is no longer safe to drive. ( taken from: ‘Mind Over Matter’ A Woman’s Brain Health Initiative publication 2016)

  • getting lost in familiar territory
  • driving too slow or fast, or stopping for no reason
  • riding the brake, or confusing the brake and gas pedals
  • other drivers frequently honk their horns
  • damage (i.e  scrapes or dents) on the car or garage
  • difficulty with parking
  • failing to notice/obey traffic signs or signals
  • difficulty with turns, lane changes, or highway exits
  • incorrect signaling
  • near misses or accidents

As a caregiver, I have indeed spent some nervous moments in the car with a parent.  Monitoring the situation using these helpful warning signs helps a lot.

Safe driving everyone!

Calm Pond


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