Mindfulness Is Wherever You Find It


This afternoon in the pouring rain I took the bus to the local supermarket.  Unfortunately it was closed due to a power outage, no doubt because of the weather.  A  few shoppers wandered around looking lost, hoping that the power would be restored. I felt I had wasted an hour and had worsened an incipient cold that has been lingering for days, on this the eve of my birthday.

Then suddenly, as I sat in the bus shelter passing the time before the next bus, I felt an inspiration.  I thought: why not be mindful,  an opportunity has arisen out of the busyness of my daily routine, suddenly, an island of mindfulness, a pause, a spaciousness. I gazed at the beautiful trees, the sky, the miracle of automobiles taking their passengers wherever they wanted to go, and thought about the cough the woman sitting next to me was nursing. I thought: may she find healing, may she find rest.

Then the bus came, and I pondered the miracle of public transit, delivering me to my door so quickly.

All this transpired in a matter of minutes, but it felt wonderfully energizing, this renewal, this lightness of being.

May you, too, find mindfulness, wherever you are.

Calm Pond


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