3 Writing Prompts to Help You Process 3 Difficult Emotions


“Writing is the painting of the voice!” – Voltaire

Do you keep a journal or write detailed letters/emails to family and friends? Do you write poetry or songs? If so, you may already be familiar with the ways that writing can help you to process emotions and tell your story. Writing can help you to work through difficult emotions or sort out your thoughts on experiences and situations when it feels hard to talk to anyone about what’s going on for you. For those without a writing practice, it can feel intimidating or maybe overwhelming to get started. Writing prompts can encourage you to put pen to paper and help you get your thoughts out of your head and heart and on to the page. Read on for 3 writing prompts to help you work through 3 difficult emotions.


I remember when….
This is what I have to say to you….
The first time I….
My happiest memory of you is…
The greatest lesson I have learned is…


Write a conversation with your anger. Ask it why it exists and what positive action it wants you to take to feel better.

What are you angry about? What happened to hurt you? Was it an act by someone else? A situation out of your control? Freewrite for ten minutes, beginning with, “I’m angry because …”


If you can identify a specific event, person, or loss which initiated the feelings of sadness, write with as much detail as possible about that event and how you responded at the time. Did you experience a hurt or loss of some kind? What did you do with that hurt? Did you turn it inward? Hide it from others? Feel that you had to “be strong?”

Here are some other great posts to help you start writing: Writing the 5 Senses, Life Writing, and How to Express Yourself through Creativity.  

Does writing help you to process difficult emotions? We’d love to hear from you!


Cassandra Van Dyck

Writing prompt sources:
Grief: www.mindfulnessandgrief.com
Anger & Sadness: www.writingthroughlife.com

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