Is Red Bull Safe to Drink?

‘We all know the feeling, we’ve been there: it’s 2 pm and you’re faced with a ton of things to do, but you’ve run out of energy completely.  So, what are you going to do?  Well, some of us might just reach for a Red Bull for an instant energy boost.  But is it safe?

According to the Red Bull website, it is.  Each 250 ml can of Red Bull contains 80 mg of caffeine, or about the same amount of caffeine as  a small  cup of coffee.  According to EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) 2009, the ingredients of energy drinks such as Red Bull are of no concern.

Yet, health experts, such as Dr. Oz, recommend a maximum of 400 mg of caffeine a day. So if you just drink one Red Bull in the afternoon, okay, but if you drink many Red Bulls, maybe you should think it over first.

Red Bull Sugar Free contains all ingredients in original Red Bull except sugar, which is replaced by aspartame and sucralose.  Two of the primary ingredients in Red Bull Sugar Free, taurine and caffeine, can have significant side effects that you should be aware of.

So I guess, the moral of the story is: ‘buyer beware’.  As a smart consumer it pays to know just what is in what you are drinking.  And yes, sometimes we all reach for a Red Bull at times, it’s human nature.  Just be aware.

Calm Pond


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