Mindful Monday no. 76 – 8 Questions to Ask Yourself Every Month


“The more you truly show up for life – not hanging back but really investing yourself heart and soul – the more life will show up for you.” – Marianne Williamson

My favourite part of the Passion Planner is the monthly reflection questions asked at the end of every calendar month. I’ve gotten in to the habit of sitting down for 15 minutes on the first day of every month with a coffee and my day planner and answering them.

Taking the time to reflect on the past month can do two important things: it can zero in on the beautiful moments in your life that you may not be paying attention to, and it can highlight the things that are causing stress, and perhaps give you the perspective you need to work through them. 

  1. Here are Passion Planner’s seven questions to help you reflect on your past month:
  2. What was the most memorable part of this past month? Describe it.
  3. What were the three biggest lessons you’ve learned in the past month?
  4. Are you happy with how you spent your time? If not, what steps can you take to adjust your priorities?
  5. How are you different between the past month and the month before it?
  6. What or who are you especially grateful for this past month?
  7. Name three things you can improve on this upcoming month. What concrete actions can you take to work towards these improvements?
  8. From 1-10, how do you feel overall about this past month?

Do you have ways of reflecting on your months? Are the questions different? We’d love to hear from you!

For some other ways to reflect on your life, read this post on reflecting on your family tree, or this post on solstice reflections. 

Cassandra Van Dyck


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