Plant-based remedies for Menopausal symptoms

Dear Readers,

For those in the perimenopausal or menopausal stages life can be a challenge: conditions such as insomnia, weight gain, hot flashes, or memory problems.  I personally have dealt with all of those in the last few years, and it can make life difficult. (Challenging enough if you are a caregiver, right?)

So what do you do?  Well, one of the options is to take plant-based remedies, which are fairly safe.  Two of these that I’ve tried are: Promensil and Estroven.

Here is some info about each one:

Promensil contains red clover isoflovones.  Isoflovones are phytochemicals found only in plants, also a type of phytoestrogen (plant hormone) that resembles human estrogen.

Estroven comes in a variety of “flavours” depending on what your symptoms are. I have tried “Estroven Sleep Cool” which contains Black Cohosh and soy isoflavones.

You can read some  online reviews on Estroven for more information.

I hope this brief article has proved helpful to you in some way.  If you are interested in more articles about perimenopause, menopause, or women’s aging issues such as weight gain or memory problems (to name a few), simply post a comment and I will post more articles on this subject.

In the meantime, sweet dreams everyone!

Calm Pond


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