Mindful Monday no. 80 – 3 Ways to Nourish Yourself


I was reading the latest blog post on Free + Native this morning and was struck by this line:

“…especially in the West, we focus on deprivation and overexertion. From cleanses to vigorous exercise, there is little focus on adding nourishment to our lives. In Ancient times, and still today in certain cultures, women incorporate non-negotiable rituals of self-care.”

I read it over a few times to really let it sink in. “There is little focus on adding nourishment to our lives.” Isn’t this true? Often when we feel overwhelmed and stressed, our tendency is to either work harder so things feel more manageable, or to retreat completely, which often creates more work when we return to our to-do lists and find they’ve only lengthened.

What if instead of adding more work or trying to take away stress all together, we focused on finding ways to nourish ourselves?

I love the word nourish! It reminds me of the way you feel after eating a healthy meal – satisfied, full, and energised. Eating is something we have to do to survive, and perhaps nourishing ourselves in other ways should be treated with the same importance. Read on for three self-nourishing suggestions!

Soak up the sun or bask in the shade. This is a wonderful time of year to take advantage of beautiful weather. Spending time outside can feel like a mini vacation! Grab a book or a newspaper and find a comfortable spot under a tree. Take an umbrella to the beach and slide your toes in to the sand. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths and listen to the sounds that only summer can provide.

Take a long shower. Allow the hot water to run for a little longer than you normally would. You do not have to take a cold plunge in the west coast ocean to reap the healing benefits of water! Use a shampoo that smells good and really spend time working it in to your scalp. You could even close your eyes and pretend you’re under a warm waterfall! Just remember to hold on to something for safety.

Make your bed the most comfortable place in your home. Treat your room like a sanctuary. Wash your sheets and tidy up your space so you feel relaxed as soon as you open the door. Consider trying some sleep rituals or a morning routine to help make a calming environment for you to relax in.

In what ways do you nourish yourself? We’d love to hear from you!

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Cassandra Van Dyck


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