A VE Day Poem

‘My VE Day Poem’ by WMC-SVAction Desk

Memories of a 12 year old evacuee

The war is won, it’s VE day,

A wild excitement fills the air,

Grown ups busy, children play

among the tables, standing there

in road bedecked with myriad flags

and bunting high across the street,

Women dressed in their best ‘rags’

pile tables high with things to eat.

Men pull rafters from the bomb site,

building a gigantic fire

Hitler sitting very upright,

waiting for his funeral pyre.

Earnie plays the old ‘joanna’,

favourite tunes that won the war.

Any song for just a tanner,

money goes to help the poor.

Beer and whisky flow like water,

hoarded for this special day.

Young men hang round Charlie’s daughter,

pretty as the flowers in May.

Darkness falls, they light the fire.

Flaming fingers reach the top.

Adolph sitting in a tyre,

Burns until his head goes ‘pop’.

Dance and singing follows after,

Okey cokey, Conga too,

Food and drink and lots of laughter,

Oh, it was a perfect do.

So our super day has ended,

heads are aching, feet are sore.

Still, at least they’ll soon be mended,

different from the hurt in war.

let us hope we never have to

celebrate a VE day

Be as one, just Europeans.

(This poem submitted to People’s War website by Anastasia Travers from WM CSV Action Desk on behalf of Jack Woods)

Copyright of content contributed to the Archive resides with the author.

I would also like to acknowledge on this VE day the bravery and dedication of my maternal grandparents who were both in the war: my grandfather in the army and my grandmother as a nurse.


Calm Pond


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