Foodie Friday – 3 Quick Lunches


Do you struggle to eat healthy, satisfying lunches? Do you find yourself on the go, hungry, and without any food on hand?

Lunches just might be the hardest meal to prepare and eat because we’re often out of the house when we get pangs of hunger. You might manage to eat breakfast but can’t find the time to make and pack a lunch to take with you. Often this leaves us with few healthy options to choose from and the added cost of a takeout meal.

With so much on the go, caregivers can struggle to take care of themselves. What you eat effects your energy levels and ability to face the challenges life throws your way. A healthy lunch can help you cope and give you what you need to get through the day! Read on for three quick, healthy suggestions for a healthy lunch on the go.

THE LEFTOVER MEAL | The easiest way to make sure you have a healthy lunch for the following day is to make more dinner the night before. If you struggle to cook enough to have food for another meal, try putting a portion of your meal in lunch containers at the same time you serve yourself dinner.

THE SNACK PACK | If you find it hard to sit down and eat a full meal, it might be worth considering snacking throughout the day instead. The trick here is to make sure that every snack you’re eating is packing a nutritious punch. If you tell yourself you’re going to snack throughout the day and rely on takeout options, you might find yourself eating more sugar and unhealthy fats than you’d planned. Make sure what you pack is easily accessible and contains protein, healthy fats, and protein. Try nuts, boiled eggs, avocado, an apple or banana, sprouted bread with nut butter or veggies and hummus. Experiment with different containers to see which are easiest to eat out of and clean.

THE SANDWICH | The tried and true lunch of champions. Sandwiches can be made the night before or the morning of, as long as you practice some careful layering techniques to prevent soggy bread. Nobody likes soggy bread. Need some recipe suggestions? Try this, this or this.

How do you ensure you eat a healthy lunch? We’d love to hear from you?

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Cassandra Van Dyck


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