How Grocery Delivery Services Can Help Caregivers

How many hours out of your week would you say that you spend planning meals and cooking for yourself and your loved one? The whole process can take up a lot of mental space, and getting to the grocery store to pick up what you need may sometimes be more than you can handle. Grocery delivery provides an opportunity to ease the stress of sitting in traffic, loading up a cart, waiting in lineups and carrying everything in to your home.

Fortunately, we now live in a time and a place where you can access several online grocery delivery services. Here is an invitation for you: decide that for one week, instead of doing a big grocery shop or stopping multiple times a week at the store, spend an hour or so planning out your main meals for the week. As you plan, write down the ingredients you need on a piece of paper. Go online, choose your grocery delivery service, and order what you need. At the end of the week, observe how you feel. Did it ease stress? Did you spend less time thinking about what to eat? Did you save money by planning ahead? If any of the above are true, you may be on a new, easier grocery shopping path!

Here are some grocery delivery services to consider if you live on the North Shore:

Thrifty Foods


Chef’s Plate

Stong’s Market

Save-On Foods


Have you tried using a grocery delivery service? We’d love to hear about your experience!


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