A Week in the Life Of…Zen and the Art of Just Showing Up

By Calm Pond

For the last two weeks I’ve lived a life of continual disorder: my Mom fell down the stairs after she lost her balance, now, two weeks later, things have just a pinch more sanity than before.

I haven’t the time to write a proper post, I’m afraid. But I will copy what I wrote at a family member’s house while I was recovering from stress.

It goes: ‘I believe we are now getting to the point where countless caregivers (either caregivers by choice or by circumstance) are living in a state of continual crisis. What we do about this will be the difference between preventing needless suffering (and saving lives) , or, not. Not to try and address the very real needs of caregivers is the act of an uncaring society. We simply must care. This is critical. There can be no other option, if we are to continue calling ourselves an enlightened nation.

Together we stand– divided we fall. That’s our choice now.’ And so, I ‘showed up’ for my parents, and learned a great deal : about myself, family, and society at large. I prefer to see it as a growth experience.


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