Taking A Break: Some Local Resources for Care Partners


Family caregivers spend a lot of time supporting their care partners with various tasks and chores. Driving to appointments, grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, and assisting with personal care are just a few examples. Providing emotional support and companionship is another aspect of caring for loved ones that, while fulfilling and valuable, may take more time than you feel you have to give.

What if someone could help ease the load of these tasks, so you are able to spend more time taking care of yourself? Good news! There are resources available to help.

Driving Miss Daisy

Driving Miss Daisy assists seniors and those with disabilities or special needs with transportation and accompaniment to tasks such as medical appointments and grocery shopping, as well as social events, home support, vacation accompaniment, and more. They provide one-on-one companionship for a broad range of activities, whether it’s going for a walk or getting some help with navigating a new computer. Their home support services include laundry and light cleaning/tidying, and some locations offer home maintenance services such as plumbing and household repairs.

For more information on Driving Miss Daisy’s North Shore services and costs, click here.

Peer Support 

The North Shore Neighbourhood House offers a peer support program that trains volunteers to offer emotional support, guidance regarding life changes and challenges, as well as providing resource information. One-on-one support is free, confidential, and various spoken languages are available.

North Shore Volunteers for Seniors

North Shore Volunteers for Seniors (NSVS) is a non-profit society dedicated to promoting the independence and well-being of seniors on the North Shore. NSVS offers in-house and outreach services, such as chair exercise, computer help, walking groups and yoga instruction.

Words by Cassandra Van Dyck


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